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Tiziana Osel psychologist

Tiziana Osel

PhD candidate psychology

MSc Applied Psychology in Mental Health

Over 25 years of professional experience in the private sector (Dresdner Bank AG, Deutsche Lufthansa AG), including executive function, responsible for product and service, quality management and personnel development.


Certification for the ZEPmax program as part of obesity therapy at the Center for Nutritional Medicine and Prevention Hospital Barmherzige Brüder Munich.

Member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP).


Areas of expertise: Depression, anxiety, personality disorder, stress and emotion regulation, positive psychology, solution-oriented psychology, cultural identity, work-life balance, leadership competence training, social competence training, change management.

Psychological counseling possible in German, English and Italian.


Studies and publications:

Exploring the Relationship between Emotion Regulation and Stress Resilience: Is there an Impact on the Occurrence of Depression and Anxiety in Adults

Sleep Disorders in Cancer - A Systematic Review


Magdalena Hamann Psychological Competence Center

Magdalena Hamann

MSc Psychology

BSc Psychology

Lecturer at the FHM Bamberg for social psychology.


Certification for the ZEPmax program as part of obesity therapy at the Center for Nutritional Medicine and Prevention Hospital Barmherzige Brüder in Munich.


Pain therapy at the Pain Clinic of the Barmherzige Brüder Regensburg University of Regensburg as well as prevention of mental illnesses and training courses for the SVLFG.


Main areas of competence: self-esteem and self-care, emotion regulation, couples conflicts, personality development, mindfulness, sleep problems, stress management



Sports psychologist

Sylvia Rittmann

Mag. rer. nat. Psychologist

Sport Psychologist (asp)


Several years of professional experience in the field of outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, active as a neuropsychologist (diagnostics, therapy and cognitive training) and sports psychologist (individual and team sports), lecturer in sports psychology



Main areas of expertise:

Sports psychological coaching for athletes, parents and trainers. Mental training (also for birth preparation), dealing with pressure to perform, self-efficacy & self-care, motivation & volition, attention & concentration training

Katja Huppertz Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy for children and young people

Katja Huppertz

Naturopath for psychotherapy

(according to the naturopathic law)


Lecturer at the Paracelsus Heilpraktiker-Schule Nürnberg

Many years of professional experience in drug advice in the pharmaceutical sector.

Competence focus:

Behavioral work  in children, adolescents and adults v. a for fears, phobias, depressive disorders; Stress management; Restructuring of thought and behavior patterns; Strengthening self-esteem and self-care; Relaxation and mindfulness methods; Development of alternative learning techniques and concentration options for children and adolescents; Resource work and social skills training; Support in case of excessive demands in school, professional and private areas; Scheme therapeutic approaches (awareness of unfavorable behavior patterns and unfulfilled needs, as well as subsequent regulation of behavior and feelings in order to achieve fulfillment of the needs)

Talk therapist

Sandra von der Grün

Naturopath for psychotherapy

(according to the naturopathic law)

Gestalt therapist

Systemic Gestalt coach

Life Kinetik Trainer (Life Kinetik®)

Relaxation educator

(Relax & More)

Trainer for posture and

Movement (BLSV)

movingTrainer (movingacademy)



Over 25 years of professional experience in the insurance industry, including as a manager with personnel responsibility, project manager and as an insurance medical underwriter (life underwriting expert).


Main areas of expertise: Gestalt therapy and Gestalt pedagogy with creative media, life kinetics, health in corporations, prevention (posture and movement), personality development, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, sleep hygiene.

Trauma therapist

Iris Liebel

Trauma consultant (German Society for Psychotraumatology)

Alternative practitioner, limited to the field of psychotherapy

Over 20 years of professional experience in psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic clinical settings.

Working here as an occupational therapist in individual and group therapy.


Main topics: Trauma-related disorders, anxiety and panic disorders, depression.

Stabilization and bridging until any planned inpatient/partial inpatient trauma therapy,

Resource work, resilience training

Tatjana Rederer Life Coach

Tatjana Rederer

Life coach, language and communication coach

Several years of professional experience in coaching and personal development in the private sector (BMW Group, MAN Truck & Bus) and the European Patent Office.

Competence focus: solution-oriented coaching in several languages (German, English, French and Danish).


Sophie Bachmann

Master of Science Business Administration & Marketing

Certified meditation and yoga teacher

Mindfulness coach

Founder of Zen & Go ™

by Sophie Bachmann

After many years of experience in marketing for large companies like adidas and Philips, I also brought a successful mindfulness initiative to the company at Siemens Healthineers. I believe in the relevance of mental training in everyday working life. In my coaching sessions I give you tools that you can integrate directly into your everyday life in order to experience more serenity and optimize your performance - do things differently, instead of doing more.

Mindfulness coaching program available in German and English.

Main competencies: Mindfulness Coaching - Individual advice for the sustainable integration of mindfulness into everyday life

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