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Citrus Fruits

How does fasting affect the psyche?

Our psychologist Tiziana Osel gives an interview during Lent about how fasting - be it through abstaining from food or digital media - affects our psyche and what we should pay attention to. 


Article, DocCheck

Article, DocCheck

Article, DocCheck

PCR: The eternal test suffering 

Why the hell do we family doctors still have to do PCR tests every day? Our patients are already standing in the stairwell - the easing of restrictions will make the situation even worse.

Freedom Day: Goes against my grain 

Going shopping without a mask – that seems to be the epitome of freedom for many people. Well, this has been allowed again since March 20th. Excellent. You can read here what else annoys me about the so-called Freedom Day.

“I’m so negative!!!” 

In the pharmacy you can experience stories that only life writes. And there are still misunderstandings when testing for SARS-CoV-2. From unwavering holiday enthusiasts and defiant test strips.



Article time campus

Generation psychotherapy

Are young people more often mentally ill these days, or are they just more open about their mental health than the generation before them?

Jakob Simmank

Article, Wissenschaft Aktuell



Article time online

Physically active people are less likely to become depressed

Even light, regular physical activities can have a positive effect on our mood and prevent depression.

Joachim Czichos

Finally someone who listens to me

Each of us has had more or less self-talk at some point - but is that actually normal? And if so, why are we talking to ourselves?

Filipa Lessing

Article, Psychology Today


Social media

Article, Time Online


Article, Psychology Today

Tell me, Mrs. Walter: do we sleep differently today than we used to?

How our sleeping habits and our relationship to sleep have changed over the centuries

Katrin Brenner

More love, fewer likes

How the pressure to generate more likes with his posts is on ours

human relationships and reduces the pressure on individual users of what they post

Eike Kühl

Healthy thanks to meditation

Scientific studies show that regular meditation has a lasting positive effect on our body and psyche.

Birgit Schönberger


Article, time campus


Article, Psychology Today


Article, Primal State

We hunt the thieves of time. Soon!

What we can do about distraction and postponing work.

Muriel Reichl

The biology of resilience

What effects do the immune system and our gender have on our ability to deal with extreme or long-term stress?

Anna Gielas

Dopamine effects: these 7 natural ways to increase your level

Dopamine is an important chemical messenger substance in the brain that influences many factors in our well-being.

Janis Budde

Article, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Article, Primal State

Artikel, Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland

Pleasant despite the mask

The mouth and nose protection makes it difficult to correctly interpret facial expressions. How one can still show emotions successfully.

Julian Rodemann

Dopamine Fasting: Take Your Life to a New Level

Dopamine fasting means more happiness through fewer moments of happiness. Sounds paradoxical? But it is not!

Karina Kraus

Sleep paralysis: when the body is asleep and the mind is awake

While the body continues to be in a natural sleep paralysis, parts of the brain are already awake.

Jessica Orlowicz

Article, spectrum

Article, Wissenschaft Aktuell

Article, mirror

Can forgotten traumas reappear?

Sometimes memories of past events come up in therapy. An old debate revolves around the question of how much truth there is in them.

Christiane Gelitz

Toilet paper hamster purchases: Personality traits influence purchasing behavior in the pandemic

Not only fear of the virus, but also the psychological traits of conscientiousness and emotional instability increased the likelihood of stockpiling up.

Joachim Czichos

We wutsnobs

The mask requirement can make you really angry - for example, when other people don't stick to it. Or wear your mask under your nose. Anyone who is outraged about this may be a snob of anger.

Sasha Lobo

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