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Our services

Individual offers for psychological advice, mindfulness and coaching tailored to your needs. Brand new: We have been cooperating with FLEXMYND, a digital platform for mental health, since August 2023. You will receive more informationhere.

Psychological counseling

Psychological advice and support in all life situations from a psychologist or alternative psychotherapy practitioner, using scientifically proven cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approaches. Our flexible experts take the time for you, or in couples counseling for you and your partner. 


Our coaching offering is tailored to your individual needs. We work with you to develop ways to overcome challenges in your private or professional life and get closer to your goals. This approach is less time-consuming and therefore often more cost-effective than psychological counseling.

Solutions for companies

Increase the productivity and well-being of your employees with our coaching and mindfulness program. We offer tailored meditation courses and coaching sessions, online or on site. Improve the working atmosphere and strengthen your team. Contact us today!

Couples therapy

Find harmonious solutions with our couples therapy. Our qualified therapists will support you to effectively overcome relationship challenges. Increase the quality of your relationships and improve your communication. Book your appointment now!

Mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness is attention training, which is almost a miracle cure in our overstimulated world characterized by constant change. Thousands of scientific studies and many prominent meditators agree on this.  Mindfulness improved:​

  • Physical Health & Resilience

  • Focus & concentration

  • Experience of meaning & fun at work

  • Relationships, Self-Confidence & Ability to deal with conflict

  • Creativity & Ability to innovate


Discover your full potential! Our experienced therapists will help you overcome emotional stress and find joy in life again. In personal sessions or online. Recognize new paths to well-being. Arrange your appointment now!

What our customers say

Man with a cap

Mr. Müller

Anyone reading this review now would certainly much rather read hotel or restaurant reviews. I can absolutely recommend the Psychological Competence Center, you are in good hands there. Competent, very helpful, uncomplicated and spontaneous in finding an appointment. 5 out of 5 stars!
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